10 Reasons Why I’m 1.0

1. I can’t figure out last.fm. Seems like a cool radio station. I see its based on “tags” but am not sure why this is better than stations.

2. I find Flickr really hard to use. I spend minutes at a time trying to figure out where to click. I want to share photos with my friends but can’t seem to do that without them joining.

3. I don’t get MySpace at all.

4. I’m married, so I never saw the point of Friendster. I cancelled my account years ago.

5. I have a LinkedIn account, but have never used it for anything but linking to people. Like having a car in order to check the oil.

6. I prefer an old-fashioned Bookmark management system to the fancier varieties now in vogue.

7. I use a two year-old version of MovableType and don’t plan on upgrading.

8. I disabled trackbacks on my site because of spam.

9. I’ve never used a blog search engine. Why would want to restrict my search to just blogs? Why wouldn’t I use Google?

10. I think Flash is more flexible, useful and reliable than AJAX.