A Note from the Google Mailroom

As many of you know from my twitters lately I’ve been on a diet. My biggest temptation by far is the abundant quantities of M&Ms sitting around the Google office. They’re so ubiquitous and enticing that I’ve taken to making my away message various taunts to the M&M fairy such as “Not eating M&Ms,” “No M&Ms here,” “M&Ms don’t exist,” etc.

I just got this email from the mailroom (so professional!):

Hello Ari

I just wanted to inform you that Mail Services has received an Inter-Department mail piece addressed to you from “The M&M Fairy”. (No Joke) Unfortunately I am not able to get in touch with the sender since “The M&M Fairy” does not appear on Moma [internal directory]. This item can not ship using Inter-Department mail service since the service is for documents only. In addition to the fact that the envelop contains non-documents, Mail Services is restricted by Google policy to ship food items. The InterDepartment envelope contains 9 pkgs of M&Ms. I just wanted to let you know in-case you are able to communicate with “The M&M Fairy” that this package will not ship.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You