Don’t Fault Me For A Lack of Ambition

Wow, I got some press!

NYWiki just launched last week and we (meaning me and the web site) are already profiled in Time Out New York. Page 4! Cool!

I can’t link to the article since TONY has some sort of delayed archiving strategy but I’ll quote the good part:

With the week-old, blogger and Internet marketeer Paparo is trying to use this [wiki] approach to put together an encyclopedia of everything in New York: ‘Every building. Every story. Every business. Every person.’ (Don’t fault him for a lack of ambition.)

Hey, no one has ever faulted me for a lack of ambition. Tact maybe. Grooming habits, occasionally. Ambition, never.

Have you written your first article yet? No? Get off your ass and contribute something!

Postscript: To those who don’t know me personally but see the article in TONY, I must point out that I am not that goofy looking. Seriously.