Flash Coming to IPhone?

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal mentions that Applie intends to bring Flash to the iPhone. Interesting.

Some questions:

  • Flash or Flash Lite?
  • Will Apple be paying a licensing fee per unit in accordance with Adobe’s non-PC strategy or will they be offering free installation per Adobe’s PC-based licensing strategy?
  • Once you’ve installed Flash on your iPhone will Adobe be allowed to auto-update?
  • If they auto-update, will Adobe also be able to auto install other programs like AIR or Acrobat Reader?
  • Will Flash video be supported? If so, how is the YouTube integration beneficial?
  • Will Flash support of local microphones and cameras be supported? And if so, could you create a VOIP application using Flash?

Flash is an incredibly powerful platform for applications that is often under-estimated by the AJAX crew. How Apple and Adobe implement the platform on the iPhone will tell us a lot about whether the long term trajectory of the devices remains open or closed.