Handing Over the Reigns

Today, I’m both happy and sad to announce that Aaron and I have sold BlinkPro. The new owner is ThinkTron, a web development and hosting company based in Florida.

I’ve been working on the “bookmarking problem” since around this time of year in 1999. The concept has stayed the same, while the names have changed from WhereIGo*, to HyperZap**, to Blink***, and finally BlinkPro****.

[Not me in pic] Meanwhile, the list of competitors with the same insanely great idea has gone from Murl to ClickMarks to MyBookmarks to Backflip to Furl to Del.ico.us to Google. And don’t forget our friend Otis over at Simpy.

To the BlinkPro users: You’re in good hands. Aaron and I have been stretched too thin to improve the service at all over the past couple of years and some new blood can’t hurt.

To Ben at ThinkTron: Take good care of the little sucker.

To the former Blinkers and others reading this in the New York area, we’re buying drinks.

Thursday, January 11th, 6:30

Hope to see you there. Leave a comment on this post if you plan to attend.


* – I still think WhereIGo is a kick-ass name. Now being used by a site which has something to do with virtual gaming.

** – Will all due respect to Christos and Dave, HyperZap is just a wack, wack name.

*** – Along with leasing a copy machine, buying the Blink domain was my first project after merging with Hyperzap. I think its a perfect brand platform.

**** – BlinkPro? Could’ve been worse.

Comments from the Old Blog

Please warn the new owners about my cursing problem. I’m happy and sad for you guys as well, but look forward to cashing in on my beverage.

Hey, they aren’t going to jack up my annual rate are they?????? I’ll tell spitzer!!!

Posted by: ANP on January 2, 2007 11:04 PM

Blinky, me likey!

Posted by: Ed on January 2, 2007 11:52 PM

Does this mean the Blink slinky is now worth more or less?

Frank and I will be there. We are in town this thursday and friday.

Posted by: Cherie on January 8, 2007 7:47 AM

OK, you win. HyperZap sucked. It’s actually very scary, isn’t it?

Posted by: David on January 24, 2007 10:29 PM

Just catching up on your blog, Ari. Sorry that I missed this gathering. Btw, here is another take on bookmarking by (yet another ex-DeShaw person) Alex Iskold: http://www.adaptiveblue.com/basics.html#2

Posted by: bomee on March 8, 2007 4:49 PM