Homonym, Homograph, Homophone

In case you and your wife have the same arguments that we have in our home, here are some reference materials…

Homophone: Two words, two definitions, but the same pronunciation (“Pay the fare to get to the fair”).
Homonym: One word, two definitions and one pronunciation (“I saw the saw”).
Homograph: One word, different definitions and different pronunciations (“I contest the contest results”).

Source: Mark and Katie’s homograph page

Also of note:

“Spiff” as used in marketing and sales is not an acronym. I got as far as “Sales Promotion Incentive…” but couldn’t figure out what the effs were for. Some Googling later, another roadblock to our happy marriage was removed when we found the citation from the 1850s: “Spiffs, the percentage allowed by drapers to their young men when they effect sale of old fashioned or undesirable stock.”

But why stop there? Another question arose: do you “spiff shine” shoes? Google says not really. Most uses of the words spiff and shine relate to cars. Spiff shine — no. Spit shine — yes.