Hot or Not for Dating!?

When I briefly worked for a large publishing company I was involved in an M&A deal for (of all things) an astrology website. It was cool, the employees had their signs on their cards, there were beaded curtains on the CEO’s office door, etc.

The fact I found most amazing during the due diligence phase was that a large proportion of their traffic came from an area of their site called the “Yes/No Oracle.” What did the Oracle do? Well, the user would go to the page, then ask a question, and click the “submit” button. The Yes/No Oracle would then answer either yes or no, depending on the orientation of the cosmos. Either that or a rand() function, I never found out.

Anyway, I think of the Yes/No Oracle and its instant gratification and determinism while considering the Meet Me at HOT or NOT service. This is basically crossed with Internet dating. Try it out. You can screen at least 10 potential mates a minute if you’ve got broadband and are willing to live with your superficiality.

I’d argue that you should live with your superficiality. When I’m interviewing people for a job, I know within 20 seconds whether the interview is a waste of time. The rest is just politeness. Is it different with potential mates? Do any other species think so?