It Takes a Village

I wonder if companies other than
BlinkPro get customer service emails like this:

Hi, besides my usual complaints (cannot see the folder that a search item resides in, can’t search for phrase vs. individual words, can’t + or – words, etc., etc.), I am finding that the “next” link does not currently work in Firefox (Mozilla 0.8). It works fine in IE, darn it. Also, search is timing out on my recent attempts (but partially b/c I have a LOT of bookmarks). Fix the next button, improve speed later.

Anyway, loyal user, etc, you know me by now. Hi, Ari, like your blog, post more.


[email ommitted]

Golly, I’m starting to feel really bad about my search function sucking. Aaron, are you reading this?

Comments from the Old Blog

Hey, Ari… I send those notes out of the goodness of my heart 8-). BlinkPro is great, but anything can be better. Of course, instead of worrying about search, I could just go and delete some of my useless bookmarks, which would both speed up search and eliminate the “next” link… naah.

I use BP every day, so please accept my suggestions (for search, and other features) as just that: suggestions, and not (just) the continual whining of a guy who always want more, now, sooner.

Thanks again for a great tool,


PS: Oh, and yep, I send whines… I mean, suggestions to other sites as well, so you aren’t alone.

Posted by: Michael on March 17, 2004 1:58 PM