Kobe Returns!

It’s a big Kobe news day here at AriPaparo.com. In what must have been a tough decision, Nutella decided to drop Kobe Bryant as a spokesperson because of his ongoing legal problems. Since this humble website is ranked #2 on Google when searching for “Kobe Bryant Nutella”, I saw 10x the usual traffic yesterday after the announcement.

If you’re new to this site, you’re probably asking yourself “golly that’s strange, this site has nothing to do with Kobe Bryant; I can see from the top of the page that this Ari Paparo person is very focused on Product Development and Internet Marketing.” How wrong you are! In fact, I spend most of my time thinking and writing about Kobe Bryant, as illustrated here , here, or here.

For those of you not interested in following all those links, I will summarize what’s going on.

1. Before the sex scandal I wrote about the Kobe-Nutella connection;
2. When the scandal hit, unknowning Kobe supporters began posting comments to my article thinking they were reaching Kobe;
3. This amused me and I wrote about it.

But wait, there’s more. Earlier today, someone started posting pretending to be Kobe. A Mr. Tyler Hopkins commented:

Thanks guys. I will send my signature to those who made a request.

Helpfully, he posted once with his real name, then thinking better of it posted the same message under “Kobe Briant” with the email “kobe8@lakers.com.”

But for sheer poetics, the latest post deserves mention. Says “K Bryant”:

Don’t let the Man get you down Bruddah. Show that bitch who’s the boss. Tap that ass…

Peace out


Nutella would be proud indeed.