Mystery Woobie

We’ve been getting a bunch of little gifts for little Noa. Thank you if you’ve sent something; no need if you haven’t.

Today a packaged arrived with a cute pink woobie blanket with Noa’s name embroidered in the corner.

No card.

No message on the packing label.

The buyer’s name: “Joseph Gones”. Google it, pretty much nothing comes back. Nothing in my gmail search, nothing in my address book, nothing at all. I suspect it’s a misspelling of “Joseph Jones,” but that search also yields nothing.

The address of the buyer: 594 Broadway, Suite 1011. Hmm, sounds corporate. Google it. Points to Statement PR, a company I’ve never heard of with no meaningful info on their homepage and little else indexed on Google.

I have three hypotheses:

  1. Mr. Gones is actually a close friend of mine and, as usual, I’m letting my Aspergers get in the way and can’t remember who he is.
  2. Someone I know asked their significant other to buy us something and Mr. Gones forgot to put a note in the package.
  3. A reader of this blog sent me an anonymous gift as some sort of PR come-on in the hope that a C-list blogger like myself would write about them in some way.

I’ve emailed them asking to contact Mr. Gones. If you’re reading this and you’re actually my old college roommate or long-lost sibling, please leave a comment.