RSS Feeds of Search Results from MSN

I’m really interested in how RSS is replacing email as a personal information delivery medium. I’m now keeping track of my personal “to dos” using an RSS feed from and keeping track of my ego surfing with MSN Search’s RSS feeds for search results. So, if you too would like to be alerted whenever a new mention of “Ari Paparo” appears on the web, drag this link to your favorite reader. In both cases these alerting services would “traditionally” have been executed using email — in fact, I do get an email from Google Alerts when my name appears in their index.

The general paradigm of RSS is so clearly superior to email or bookmarks that I’ve really got to wonder what its going to take to move this past the proverbial “tipping point.” Outlook integration without a plugin would help. Or maybe if some popular software program got a reader onto desktops under the guise of some other functionality. e.g. Yahoo! Toolbar with “Active Bookmarks” or iTunes with “dynamic channels” or something from Hotmail.