Silicon Alley 100

Blast from the past. Back in the day, the Silicon Alley Reporter posted the always-controversial “Silicon Alley100” issue, featuring a host of important Internet folks in the city, along with a bunch of people who could most accurately be called party buddies of Jason Calacanis.

There’s a new Silicon Alley 100, this time through an online poll at BricaBox. For some reason this is fun.

Along with the usual bloggers and VCs, I found my business school friend Jason Rapp from IAC, David Rosenblatt from DoubleClick, Ian Schafer from Deep Focus and lots of other folks I’ve known for some time. My listing has three votes as of this writing, but one of them came from me so doesn’t really count.

Comments from Old Blog

Not really true. We had a team of 20 editors suffer over the Silicon Alley 100 list for three months up until its release every year.

That being said, some of them were my friends.

THAT being said, I lost more friends over the list then added.

Voting on a list, however, is a horrible idea… it makes it basically worthless.

best j

Posted by: Jason on November 25, 2007 11:50 AM

David WHO?

Posted by: ANP on December 29, 2007 1:35 AM