I’m on day one of using SpamBayes to filter my mountain of spam. I’m impressed. This is the first solution I’ve seen that handles IMAP folders as well as POP. Still, you have to open an IMAP folder before the filtering takes place, but I’m willing to live with that slight inconvenience.

Filtering spam is actually quite fun. It satisfies my deep desire to clean myself of unwanted garbage. Must…wash…hands…AGAIN.

The best part is the explanation of why a message was filtered. SpamBayes ranks words and other email elements based on their statistical likelihood of being spam. I’ve learned that the word ‘generic’ has a 98.1% chance of being contained in a spam message, while ‘quickly’ has a 67.8% probability.

So if you would like to send me an email complaining that my blog is quickly becoming generic, rest assured that I will not get it.