The Citibike Game

If you live in New York you’re no doubt talking about Citibike. I haven’t tried it yet, and in fact, my family has the dubious distinction of driving in Manhattan to work and school each day (we’re very far from the train, no realistic bus service to get there, etc).

So, while in the car with the kids we’ve invented the Citibike Game. It’s pretty simple: you get points for each Citibike spotting and we try to beat our high score. Meanwhile, the kids are doing math and don’t realize it.

The point system:

  • Citibike rack: 5 points
  • Citibike biker: 1 point
  • Citibike biker with helmet: 2 points (yet to be seen)
  • Citibiker talking on cell phone: 3 points
  • Citibiker carrying baby, child, or pet: 4 points
  • Someone actively taking bike out of rack at the time of sighting: 10 points

So far our top score is an 11, which we know we can beat. Let me know your top score if you choose to play.