The Five Stages of Yahoo-Microsoft

Is it just me, or is this playing out true to form

Stage 1: Denial

A number of top executives I spoke to today were flabbergasted by what is essentially a hostile move by Microsoft. Yahoo’s Jerry Yang has been rebuffing such advances, made both privately and in veiled references in public by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

“I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe that they did it,” said one exec. “They had made a lot of overtures, but this was astonishing. I could not believe Microsoft would be so aggressive.”

Stage 2: Anger

No public statements of anger from Yahoo!, but you know that’s what they’re feeling. Instead, we just have the users:

Stage 3: Bargaining

…the board determined that the offer massively undervalues Yahoo…

Stage 4: Depression

The firings begin.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Coming soon.