True Blood Viral Marketing

I’m usually the last person to know about anything, so imagine my surprise this morning when I stumbled upon a well-executed and exciting viral marketing campaign for the new HBO Vampire series, True Blood.

I was walking down Allen street when I saw a poster for what looked like a deep red colored malt beverage. Everything was there from the silhouettes of attractive people to the warning to “drink responsibly”, but the product advertised appeared to be…blood.

Went to the advertised website. Awesome parody of an alcoholic promo site. The “Type Finder” is hysterical.

Saw a link to the blog at A bunch of YouTube videos about vampire-related political stuff. Cool.

Click to YouTube itself and link to the user BloodCopyCom and check out his videos. A lot more vampire politics and intrigue. Apparently the vampires are considering coming out of the closet! Oh my.

Finally, don’t forget the Revenant Ones where vampires hang out their dirty laundry (Tide even gets out Blood stains!). Side note: Wikipedia defines revenant as “a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living”; ooh spooky.

Anyway, the series is created by Alan Ball, executive producer of Six Feet Under, so it definitely gets my attention.

And, as expected, the innovative marketing campaign is by Campfire Deep Focus (while the media is by Deep Focus, pretty much the best agency around for social marketing).

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