We’re With You

MarketingWonk is pointing out a study showing that taglines are useless. Interesting to see validated what many marketing consultants see every day — namely, poorly conceived taglines-by-committee which don’t speak directly to the brand.

In particular there seems to be an epidemic of vague branding such as Circuit City’s “We’re with you.” What could that tagline possibly convey about an electronics retailer? How are they With Us exactly? Sounds like an HMO’s tagline. How can that vague phrase possibly differentiate the brand from its competitiors? Frankly, Circuit City would be better off wth an old-school, benefits-first tagline like “The cheapest place for electronics” but something that straightforward would never get through the MBAs, who would immediately deem such directness as limiting and lacking vision. Yes, but it would get shoppers in the door.

Comments from Old Blog

Actually, to me, CC’s “We’re With You!” means that they understand their customers, eg- “We understand what you are going through!”

Whether or not this is the case is another story altogether.

Posted by: Anthony on October 3, 2003 10:05 AM

Sure, they may understand their customers but how do they differentiate themselves from anyone else who understand their customers?

Ford, We’re With You!
Aetna, We’re With You!
Snapple, We’re With You!

Posted by: Ari on October 3, 2003 10:36 AM