Who Am I?

Editorial Note: This is the intro post to my first blog posting from 2003.

Hi. Thanks for coming by.

I’m an Internet marketing professional and long-time reader and participant in online communities. For a while I’ve thought it was time to give back a little — in marketing-speak to “add some value.” Thus, Ari Paparo Dot Com.

My day job is in the Internet product development. Some of my projects include:

  • BlinkPro, a subscription business where you can store, organize, and share your bookmarks.
  • EverythingNY, a blog covering whatever is interesting me about New York City this week.
  • Clock-Sync, a free ad-supported utility which synchronizes your Windows system clock with the Atomic clock.

I’ll try to give my perspective on what’s really going on in the Internet business, who’s doing interesting things with new products, and anything else that seems interesting at the moment. My perspective is generally economic, with a focus on the business side of things.

You can divide people into two groups: those who look for base causes of phenomena, and those who focus on the effects. I am in the former group. You can also divide people into those who divide people into groups and those who see commonalities in all people. I am once again in the former camp.

In terms of the writing on this site, you can anticipate:

  • overuse of ellipses, m-dashes, quotation marks
  • use of double n-dashes instead of single m-dash
  • somewhat random capitalization, especially in the middle of compound words like “WebSite.”
  • other stylistic flaws, TBD

I accept these issues and hope you acquiesce. My wife’s in editorial so there’s no excuse for any of this.

Feel free to contact me, bookmark this site, or otherwise get involved. I can be reached at aripaparo at yahoo dot com, but please don’t send me spam.

February 2003,
Updated June, 2003.