You Know You Have a Customer Service Problem When…

Those of you following my twitters have heard that I lost my bags on my way to Dusseldorf. Following is an approximation of the conversation I had with the British Airways representative regarding the next steps:

Me: You were going to send my bags to Dusseldorf but they didn’t arrive.

BA: They are on their way on the 6PM flight from Heathrow.

Me: Yes, but I’m on the 3:30 flight back to Heathrow. Can’t I pick the bag up?

BA: No, it would be much easier if we flew the bag from Heathrow to Dusseldorf, then back on the 9PM to Heathrow, then deliver it by courier to your hotel in London.

Me: Why can’t I just pick up the bag at Heathrow?

BA: We no longer allow customers to pick up bags in person, there were too many assaults on our personnel.

Me: I totally understand where they were coming from.